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The fact that no one gives a shit about trafficked domestic and agricultural workers—who are also vulnerable to sexual abuse!!—should tell you all you need to know about white westerners preoccupation with the metaphysical value of sex and chastity for women;

It should also tell you how little they care about brown people and people of colour if they’re being abused in an unsexy, unfunding hot way that westerners profit off of.

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In case you haven’t noticed, I’m upset. I went to the Green Party election night event, and though it was a good night with great company, it didn’t stop the feeling of overwhelming doom and sadness from overcoming me on the way home.

There’s no polite way to say it: I’m what people consider to be a radical. My political ideology are influenced mainly by communism, queer feminism, Critical Race Theory and intersectionality. No political party in NZ right now matches my beliefs to a tee. However, it’s still important to vote as a way of participating in the political structure.

And yes, I voted for the pro-market, kinda-Third Wayist, kinda-too white Green Party. It doesn’t seem like my thing, but I did what I had to do. It’s a small ideological sacrifice I’m willing to make if it means that I can contribute to incremental change within these established institutions.

Vote. It’s good for your health. But at the same time, read, consider, and understand so-called radical views. Imagine a world where the state isn’t rigged to be the bastion of white supremacist capitalist cisheteronormative patriarchy that it currently is. Dismantling this state leads to dismantling of the structures of oppression that plague us. Fight for that world.

A short guide to radical youth mobilisation on the cusp of #3moreyears

  1. Read the past. Start with Frantz Fanon, bell hooks, Angela Davis and Audre Lorde. I find them the most accessible (in terms of reading) if you’re just starting out. Check out Michel Foucault and Paulo Freire if you want to level up. (Free PDFs of their work are available if you Google, or drop me your email in my Ask if you want me to send you a copy.)
  2. Read the now. Urvashi Vaid’s Irresistible Revolution is pretty great and accessible queer radical reading. For a more New Zealand perspective, Max Rashbrooke’s Inequality: A New Zealand Crisis is a hard to beat (check out his Twitter too), along with works on multiculturalism and decolonisation by Stephen May (available in journal databases if you have a university login, or drop me your email again if you’re interested). Maui Street, Kiwipolitico and The Dim-Post are my go-to New Zealand politics-focused blogs. (EDITED: some NZ feminist blogs are not afraid of ruins, He Hōaka, Capitalism Bad; Tree Pretty, and Mellow Yellow.)
  3. Engage with and contribute to the discourse. Tumblr is wonderful for this on the most part, with people like anarchacannibalism, allpowerviolencetothesoviets, transanalogyhoppip, infamousnerdyjewishgrrrl, reclaimuoa, manmadepowers. But in my opinion, the real scene - at least NZ politics-wise - is on Twitter. Follow this list and basically everyone on it.
  4. Get out there. Join a political organisation, whether your local socialist/communist groups or queer/feminist organisations. Write submissions on parliamentary bills. Sign up to be a member of a political party (Greens or MANA are your best bets right now). Work for them: volunteer, spread the message. Work within them: influence their policy and structure. Don’t just tell your friends and family to vote. Tell them to care.

My Ask box is open for suggestions and questions. Go forth and stay strong, friends. The next three years are gonna be a rough ride.

the moon is hiding in
her hair.
of heaven
full of all dreams,
draws down.

cover her briefness in singing
close her with intricate faint birds
by daisies and twilights
Deepen her,

upon her
the rain’s

pearls singly-whispering.

- e.e. cummings, “the moon is hiding in” (via bookshavepores)
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Anonymous asked: What are your opinions on what happened with the Internet-Mana party disaster last night? Do you think Kim Dotcom and the distraction of dirty politics were to blame? Do you agree with Labour, Green and the Maori party in saying that what happened with Internet-Mana cost them votes as well and ended up losing the left?




internet mana got like 1.5% of the party vote, that’s nothing. it made no difference to the overall count - if all those people had party voted labour, we still would have fucking lost. Labour can only blame their awful leadership and weak fucking milquetoast campaign for their loss, it’s inane to pin that on an actually social democratic party who (again i wanna stress this) captured so little of the party vote.

i don’t think KDC caused this to fail (don’t get me wrong, i don’t like him either), i think there was a concerted attack on the left by our media (look at the degree of complicity between the NZ Herald and the National Party) which means we never had a fucking chance imo. Dirty Politics wasn’t a distraction, it was an issue. i’m not sure how people are construing it that way. we’re all being fucking spied on constantly by the fucking NSA who are sharing data w the GCSB and all we have to stop them from accessing it is ‘we won’t, i promise’ from John I Love To Lie Key. it’s being spun as a distraction by news media who are deeply fucking invested in destroying whatever semblance of an organised left we have in Aotearoa and it’s sick. 

I have to respectfully disagree. I think we should not underestimate how this ‘short cut’ ‘strategic alliance’ has neither been a short cut, nor strategic at all. The party vote turn out was piss poor, and the association with Kim Dotcom is much more likely to have effected the votes for Hone than the Labour party + others ganging up on him in the 11th hour. 

The Moment of Truth, where Kim Dotcom AND the leader of the Internet Party gave a platform to that disgusting abusive piece of shit Julian Assange was a massive let down and mistake. 

The left need to own this for what it was - a big fucking mistake. But one that was BOUND to happen, because when MANA turned to the socialist left (Minto, and the “Matt for Mana” campaigns early on) it also delivered nothing at all.

If MANA is to continue with a parliamentary project, it needs to be independently from the Internet Party (which, let’s be honest, is absolutely going to dissolve). On top of that, the emphasis needs to return to core seats: Te Tai Tokerau, Waiariki, Ikaroa-Rawhiti. The first seat is Hone’s, the second is one Annette had a serious chance of challenging, and Ikaroa-Rawhiti is a work in process but Te Hamua has been making inroads there. The focus shift away from this three-seat strategy in favour of Kim Dotcom ego stroking road shows, and weird cartoon-cats instead of straight up politics addressing Maori, the poor, and the working class has not delivered at all. 

The media, of course, are always going to vilify us. Let us least be vilified for what we stand for - not for the grandstanding of a capitalist asshole who pays his Filipino employees less than the minimum wage. 

i 100% agree with you on this actually haha. what a nightmare. 

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This week Reclaim UoA has staged a peaceful 5-day read-in outside Alfred Nathan House, home of the Vice Chancellor’s office, to protest a lack of student voice in decision-making at the university.

Today we escalated the protest and six of us, with the help of our wonderful Distractor Comrades, climbed to the roof of Alfred Nathan House, radically occupying a space which we are told again and again is not for students.

With no student voice we have:

  • Rising fees every year at a rate of 4%
  • A Vice Chancellor receiving a raw salary of $660,000 per year
  • The racist gutting of the tuākana programme and the māori studies department 
  • The university perpetuating poverty as contracted workers, including cleaners and security staff, work unstable hours for below the living wage
  • The cutting of support services for students
  • A university being increasingly run as a business for profit rather than the ‘critic and conscience of society’ that it should be

As we sat on the roof with a megaphone, we read to students and staff the very texts that the university does not want us to read. The university does not want us to read these texts because it knows that their discourse and ideologies are not in its favour. Today, we occupied forbidden physical territory and intellectual territory. 

If the university refuses to be the critical and conscientious institution it was intended to be, then we will do that ourselves. We will demand our voices be heard.

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do u ever have that one female character who u like that could literally beat u up and you’d say thanks

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Grand INDIGNACE from smallen birb

HOW DARE creat the cave with a Hande??  How produce the SMALLEN CAV

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Ideal journal for parrot owners

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Kestrel family in England. 


hello we are kestrels

this is our brick it is not your brick it belongs to kestrels

stop looking at our brick

we will cut you

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walking into the wrong class


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